About Cetis Hotel Phones

Cetis is a privately held U.S. corporation headquartered in Colorado Springs. In 1982, Cetis introduced Teledex Diamond Series, the first hotel phone with a faceplate and programmable guest service key. Today, Cetis telephones are preferred or approved by all major hotel brands. Cetis designs, engineers, manufactures and supports hotel phones including Teledex, TeleMatrix and Scitec brand analog and VoIP hotel phones, designed and priced for every hotel chain application.


Teledex® invented the very first hotel phones. Since then, more than 15 million Teledex brand hotel phones have been installed in 125 countries, making Teledex the most recognized, trusted, and preferred hotel phone brand in the world. Acquired by Cetis in 2009, the Teledex brand continues to set the design, engineering, and performance standards for the hospitality industry. And while others may copy Teledex style, they can’t copy Teledex innovation or quality. Or Teledex history.


TeleMatrix® brand hotel phones are beautifully engineered to the highest standards for quality and reliability. TeleMatrix 9600 Series cordless and 3300 Series corded hotel phones offer a stunning custom designer option of 7 color handset inserts to accent or match hotel guest room and office decor. Curved by design, TeleMatrix 3100 Series hotel phones feature sweeping contour design and a dedicated hospitality feature set.


Hoteliers prefer Scitec® brand Aegis-08 Series economy hotel phones for a variety of hotel guest room, lobby, emergency, and general property applications. Scitec hotel phones are exceptionally long lasting and legendary for durability. Industry standard 2500 Series analog hotel phones are designed to operate in the most demanding hotel work environments. In the guest room, back office, hallways, elevators, physical training or poolside locations, Scitec standard desk, wall, and trimline telephones are on the job. Scitec emergency hotel phones help prepare your hotel to meet the communications needs of guests, hotel staff, and visitors when time matters most.