About Sestek

SESTEK (Speech Enabled Software Technologies) is a speech technology company operating since 2000 as a followed leader with its best-in-class speech products. SESTEK has a financial power proven by Deloitte FAST 50 & FAST 500 programs consecutively from 2008 onwards, a pioneer role in university-industry collaboration, unique patented technologies and major regional and international customers. SESTEK has been growing fast in the MENA region and has a unique expertise in Arabic and local English accents. SESTEK’s wide product range includes Natural Dialog for IVR (Call Steering), Chat Bot, Voice Biometrics, Speech Analytics, Automated Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech solutions.

Forensic Voice Analysis

SESTEK Forensic Voice Analysis is an advanced voice biometrics solution used for law enforcement and criminal identification. It helps forensics experts and security organizations complete voice treatment and speaker identification processes accurately. With the straightforward identification it provides, Forensic Voice Analysis which contributes to criminal investigation and prosecution of suspects. Forensic Voice Analysis is a fast and easy-to-use audio forensics tool that provides immense benefits such as text independent comparison, comparison of audio recordings obtained from different channels such as microphones or telephones detect speech and non-speech sections in an acoustic signal or identify the gender of a speaker through acoustic signal. Forensic Voice Analysis an assistive solution that facilitates experts’ work by saving them hours previously spent listening to audio recordings.

Verification On-the-Go

SESTEK Verification On-the-Go verifies a caller’s identity during the conversation. The technology is based on the comparison of the characteristics of the customer’s voice to the voiceprints in the database which are formed on-the-go without the requirement of a passphrase. By transforming natural speech into an effective security tool Verification On-the-Go, verifies customers’ identities in seconds without interrupting the call. The technology not only provides a smooth customer experience but also provides a powerful security tool against fraud and identity theft.

Virtual Assistant

SESTEK Virtual Assistant enables organizations to understand and answer the needs of their customers through an intelligent conversation interface. The solution can perform various helpful tasks in a way that is meeting specific requirements of organizations and fitting in with their industry surroundings. With the integration of natural dialog text-to-speech, natural dialog speech recognition and voice biometrics, SESTEK Virtual Assistant enables organizations to develop easy-to-use intelligent applications, thus enhancing customer self-service.

Automated Quality Management

SESTEK Automated Quality Management enables the evaluation of recorded customer interactions through customizable evaluation forms. The technology addresses the need for maintaining quality standards for contact center interactions and is, therefore, a key component of achieving customer satisfaction.

The basic features of Automated Quality Management are the creation of customizable and intelligent evaluation forms, advanced call filtering options (that can be empowered by speech analytics) and user-friendly reporting interface.

Speech Recognition

SESTEK Speech Recognition is automated speech recognition (ASR) software that recognizes spoken words and phrases and converts them to a machine-readable format. Speech Recognition software enables users to interact with a computer using only their voice instead of dealing with buttons and keystrokes. The technology provides highly beneficial and practical ways of using many innovative applications.

Since the telephone is still the most-used device in customer service, speech recognition provides an effective solution for many organizations that aim to guarantee high-quality self-service.

Vocal Passphrase

SESTEK Vocal Passphrase is a biometric speaker authentication system that answers the security needs of institutions by providing high levels of security measures and reducing call center costs. With its language and accent independent structure, Vocal Passphrase provides a secure and efficient method for verifying a speaker’s identity while combating fraud and identity theft.

Vocal Passphrase is based upon voice verification and voice identification technologies. With the help of Vocal Passphrase, callers can securely access contact centers using their voiceprints instead of losing time dealing with conventional security measures, such as PINs, passwords and challenge questions. In order to use this speaker verification technology, callers first enroll in the system by creating their individual voiceprints. Once the vocal password is created, callers can enter the system by simply speaking the passphrase. As a result of the accurate speaker recognition and caller authentication that SESTEK Vocal Passphrase provides, call centers enjoy increased efficiency and enhanced customer experience.

Speech Enabled IVR

SESTEK Speech Enabled IVR provides a simple and practical routing solution. The technology guarantees accurate and efficient routing that enables users to describe their needs in their own words and be routed to the right self-service application easily and quickly.

Speech Enabled IVR recognizes the intent of the caller and asks for more information if it is needed. Thus the technology gets callers to the right place in fewer steps. By shortening call times, reducing the number of misrouted calls, and eliminating the need for agents, SESTEK Speech Enabled IVR reduces call center costs and increases efficiency.

Speech Analytics

SESTEK Speech Analytics transcribes recorded audio to digital text and analyzes customer-agent interactions in call centers based on its speech-to-text and emotion detection technologies and reveals important insights by applying data mining methods. Speech Analytics is efficient call-tracking software that enables companies to drive customer satisfaction, improve agent effectiveness and optimize call center processes by evaluating various components, such as hold time, average handle time, call transfers and first call resolution. Speech Analytics, which turns unstructured phone conversations into meaningful data, is a crucial contact center application. The contribution of SESTEK Speech Analytics to call centers is reflected in the centers’ efficiency, marketing effectiveness and performance management. SESTEK Speech Analytics, one of the most efficient contact center applications available, analyzes recorded conversations to extract business intelligence

Text-To-Speech (TTS)

SESTEK Text-To-Speech (TTS) is a voice synthesizer that vocalizes text in real time in a clear and human-like way. It is the technology behind high-quality self-service applications.

Built on a legacy of research and expertise, SESTEK Text-To-Speech software (TTS) enables companies to tell their customers anything they need to hear by converting text to voice.

Blacklist Identification

SESTEK Blacklist Identification is a biometric solution used by public security officials to identify individuals of interest for crime prevention. Blacklist Identification solution enrolls voiceprints of individuals under investigation and identifies listed individuals via their voice. Blacklist Identification uses recorded calls of individuals as their voiceprints and compares these voiceprints with their voice in subsequent calls in order to identify blacklisted fraudsters. By using natural speech for identity verification, SESTEK Blacklist Identification detects fraudsters through passive verification offering empowered crime investigation and prevention in addition to secure communication in critical environments.

Speech Enabled Password Reset

SESTEK Speech Enabled Password Reset allows employees to reset their passwords using their voiceprint via any telephone. This self-service procedure is not only more practical and efficient but also more secure, since the verification is based on the person’s biometrics rather than some information. Speech Enabled Password Reset provides an effective solution for automated and secure resetting of employee passwords by using voice biometrics technology.


SESTEK Chatbot conducts a natural conversation with customers. The technology lets customers enter natural questions as they are speaking to a live agent and responds in a similar natural dialog style. Chatbot captures the intent of the conversations and provides rapid answers to customers. While common chat applications enable limited conversations regarding a specialized purpose. SESTEK Chatbot enables a wider range of natural conversation.


SESTEK’s social media analytics solution actively keeps track of internet communications and helps to construct a unified view of multichannel customer interactions. SocializerVox provides valuable features and benefits such as:

  • Real-time tracking and analysis of social media.
  • Management of company and competitor analysis through a user-friendly interface.
  • Sentiment analysis and classification of the content.
  • Statistics based on classified items.
  • Automatic reply to social media postings.
  • Rich and comprehensive reporting interface.

Natural language processing

Natural language processing allows users to interact with systems and devices in their own words without being limited by a fixed set of phrases. In contrast to traditional speech recognition system that can recognize a limited set of phrases; natural language processing understands natural speech due to its ability to recognize a wider variety of responses. Natural language processing powers today’s popular technologies including IVR, chatbot and virtual assistant.