About TigerTMS

TigerTMS is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with regional satellite offices in North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Sales and around the clock technical support centers are located in each office providing local presence to our valued clients. TigerTMS’ success is reflected in the long-term relationship established and nurtured with hotel groups, independent hotel operators, telecommunications manufacturers (Mitel Avaya, etc.), systems integrator and property management system vendors.


iCharge delivers first class performance in the integration of Property Management Systems, PBX, Voicemail, High Speed Internet Access (HSIA), IPTV, Guest BYOD and Call Accounting within a single application. This is a proven solution and has defined the standards for hotel groups on a global basis. iCharge can be premise based, deployed in a virtualised environment, or hosted above property in a private or public data center and operated as a SaaS model. The ability to integrate via bi-directional interfaces to 3rd party applications such as Property Management Systems, PBX, Voicemail, HSIA and IPTV in real-time is at the core of the iCharge technology. iCharge provides a platform for interconnecting all front and back office applications either in a single hotel or across a multiple properties with centralised management systems. The application has a comprehensive list of call accounting features and functionality that can enable hotel staff to easily manage the voice billing for the guests and administration teams.


Innline is the premier solution for guest and administration voice messaging and wake-up management. The application has been designed specifically for the hospitality industry with complete integration to the hotel’s Property Management System. Innline has become the preferred standard for many international hotel groups and provides the necessary platform for hoteliers and hotel operators to assist the discerning guest in their daily messaging and wake up requirements. InnLine provides hotels with guest and administration mailboxes, multiple languages, wake-up call management including group facilities, room or maid status, auto-attendant and mini-bar billing. Efficient communication services within the hotel are vital and the InnLine application is an important layer of technology that will enhance the guests experience whilst improving staff productivity and performance. InnLine is a fully featured hospitality messaging application focused on the needs of guests and hotel staff. In addition, InnLine delivers a range of system wide features including multilevel auto attendant.


Introducing a brand-new concept for engaging with your guests – TigerTMS iNotify. Why use a dedicated app when most guests have a communication tool already installed on their phone? No messing about on the app store, just a quick opt in to receive hotel notifications, then let the chat commence with iNotify via WhatsApp. Seamless engagement with your guests will begin at Check-in, where they will be securely created on the Customer Relationship Management System and sent a language optimised “Welcome” message via WhatsApp to open the guest communication channel. Should a guest have any issues during the stay, they can interact directly with hotel staff, even sending photos of their concerns. The CRM will notify admin members of any incoming communications so they can be dealt with in a fast, efficient manner using secure WhatsApp end-to-end encryption. The hotel can also engage directly with the guests: for example, promotional events or emergency notifications. On Check-out the guest will be automatically removed from the CRM and a “Thank you for your Stay” message sent. This can also be linked to guest surveys or TripAdvisor ratings. Introduce your hotel to a Simple Guest Engagement System and discover a better customer experience with TigerTMS iNotify.