Why Viacomms?

Together, we are Viacomms

We believe TRUST is the most important product that we offer. Our customers, vendors, and partners must be able to count on us to do what we say we are going to do no excuses, no matter what.

Our customers trust us to recommend solutions based on their unique business situation, using our professional EXPERTISE and experience. They trust us to maintain the highest standards of INTEGRITY and confidentiality regarding their operations. And they trust us to go “above and beyond” in addressing their needs.

Our vendors must understand that the recommendations we make to customers are based on our assessment of the customer’s needs rather than based on a sense of obligation to one vendor over another.

Our partners trust that we will represent them professionally and accurately.

Finally, our employees understand that trust is the most important component of teamwork. Because ours is a 24/7/365 workplace, every employee must trust that the teammates upon whom they depend will go “above and beyond” on every job, and treat one another respectfully.

Whether you are considering investing in a new system, seeking maintenance and support for your existing system, or looking for a partner to help you migrate from existing legacy systems to next-generation solution, consider Viacomms. We build long-lasting partnerships and collaborate with our customers to identify their unique needs, then work collaboratively to find innovative solutions.

A Culture of Service

Our culture starts with our people. We hire people who have a passion for delivering an exceptional experience to our customers and who have a “whatever it takes” attitude. We value LOYALTY and pledge our COMMITMENT to serve our customers through lasting business relationships.

Serving You Directly

Over 80% of our employees are dedicated to service positions, working for your SATISFACTION.

A Customer-Centered Service Culture

Our customer-centered service culture is an essential part of who we are, and it drives our day-to-day operating philosophy. We extend our HELPING HAND beyond our scope of work and above our customers' expectation.

Technical Expertise

Our technical staff has the expertise and hold the highest vendor technical certifications which demonstrate our ability to design, implement, maintain, and SUPPORT large, complex real-time communication architecture across diverse multi-vendor environments while employing the best practices and real-life designs. Our team supports everything from legacy equipment to next generation technologies to complex applications and networks. We always ensure delivering QUALITY SERVICE 24/7/365 and meeting SLA terms that are set in the service agreement.